How Do You Play?

12 people compete in 4 groups of 3 people. The game board is made up of 36 unique semacodes placed within intersection points on a 5 block by 5 block city grid. Using their camera phone to photograph a semacode, the first team to send it to will win possession of the intersection. Whichever team captures a point first claims the intersection. Another team can claim that intersection by capturing two surrounding intersections. The winner is determined by the team who captures the most points within 30 minutes.

Assassin Mode
In Assassin mode, opposing team members may eliminate their counterparts from the game. Elimination occurs by successfully photographing a unique semacode on the back of an enemy's t-shirt. These photographs are sent to a live GridLockd! moderator who will verify the photograph and determine if a participant has been eliminated.

Created by Mohit Santram at ITP
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